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The SMART SCHOOL BOND ACT has allotted the Hallen School a grant of $86,845  to be used for technology and related safety & security systems.  If you have any suggestions for the use of these funds, please email your requests to jdicosimo@thehallenschool.net  and include SMART BOND in the subject line.


The Hallen School was founded in Westchester County in 1972 to provide an alternative educational setting to address the cHALLENges students with disabilities face in school and in their community. The Hallen School is a New York State Education Department approved and funded private school (special education school) for students ranging from 5 to 21 years of age. Specially designed instructional programming is aligned to meet the needs of students diagnosed on the autism spectrum, with speech and language impairments, significant learning disabilities and other health impairments, including emotional difficulties. Students are able to graduate from the Hallen School with a Regents diploma or Local diploma as well as Career Development an Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential or Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential- based on their individual goals.

At its capacity, the school enrolls 320 students. Admission is based on established criteria to allow for maximum effective and efficient school programs designed to address the needs of the students.


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