Admissions Process


The admissions process provides the parent an opportunity to learn about The Hallen School while simultaneously allowing The Hallen School to learn about the student.  This mutual sharing of information between family and school is to ensure the potential success of the student upon acceptance.

Typically students are referred to The Hallen School by the district Committee on Special Education (CSE), referrals from a variety of legal advocates, agencies, individual schools or individual parents who have heard about the Hallen School.

In addition to providing the student’s current Individualized Education Program (IEP), the CSE and/or parent must complete the Hallen School Application Form. All evaluations and reports that add information regarding the student’s strengths and needs are requested at the time of application.

Once the paper review is complete, the family is invited to meet with the Admissions Director at the school for an interview and a tour lasting a couple of hours.  During the interview process, potential students and families are provided with the opportunity to visit classes and meet  teachers and service providers.   By the end of the interview both school and family should have a better sense of the potential for success should the student attend Hallen.

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