Our Mission

Unique to the needs of every student

Teamwork and cooperation

We promote a caring environment

Future Facing
Guided preparation for the future


Creating Communities

The Mission of The Hallen School is to create a collaborative learning community committed to meeting each school aged student's individual academic, social and emotional needs.

While at The Hallen School, students are engaged in a safe and supportive learning environment provided by a nurturing and professional staff.

Upon graduation, many students are able to succeed in college, post-secondary career training opportunities, work or specific transition service programs offered in their community.

We Believe...


Students receive the best education possible from staff willing to collaborate and share available resources.


Students need to have a therapeutic environment where occupational therapists, speech therapists, counselors and psychologists have daily contact with children, teachers and support staff.


Teachers That Make the Grade

Teachers take responsibility for their on-going staff development including mandatory certification updates.


Teachers use "best practices" in selecting curricular materials to deliver appropriate content aligned with New York State Core Curriculum Standards and use various instructional techniques focused on reading, writing and math skills.

Teachers use assessments in daily lessons to ensure students are comfortable with assessments used to measure learning.