Special Course Offerings

Art and Talents

The Hallen TEACCH/Lower School Art Program affords students an outlet for self expression within the framework of activities which are planned to develop various skills. Projects range from small individual works to grand collaborations involving all students in the program. There are also extra art periods where highly motivated and talented students pursue their personal interests for much of the year and then work together to produce a project — the backdrop used in the school’s annual talent show.

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Making Art Personal

The Art Program for grades 7–12 is a five year curriculum incorporating Art History and World History. Each project combines the fundamentals of studio art with a period in Art History. The world events of the time are discussed and at times interrelated with a history lesson.

At all times self-expression and art appreciation are emphasized. Students experience a wide range of art techniques and artistic styles while also learning the importance of creative expression and the role that the visual arts have played throughout history.

Health Programs

Health classes are provided by classroom teachers for all elementary and middle school students. Once in the high school program, a certified Health teacher delivers the state approved curriculum. The core of the instructional content aligns with NY State Standards and includes topics such as care of the body, functions of the body, protection from disease and healthy foods. Health habits and attitudes are the focus of each lesson.

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Music To Our Ears

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The music program is an essential part of the Hallen School. It creates an opportunity for all students to work collaboratively and interactively with each other. The students are given a chance to express themselves creatively in a safe and fun environment.

Vocal training, guitar and piano lessons are available privately based on interest from our upper school program.

The students have opportunities throughout the year to showcase their talents at various assemblies and shows.

The music teacher works with all students to increase their imagination and to build self esteem.

New York Core Curriculum Standards

Physical Education

Physical education classes are held each day for every student unless there is a physician note restricting physical activity. Students enjoy the opportunity to engage in physical activities designed to promote exercise, physical fitness, team sports and sportsmanship and individual motor skill development.

The Hallen School sports teams are known as the Hallen Hawks.  The Hallen School currently has the following teams: Basketball, Flag Footaball, Soccer, Step Team and Track and Field.

Student athletes need to be in 8th grade in order to participate in these after school activities. Parents and fans love cheering on the team as their seasons have brought many opportunities for developing character and good sportsmanship.

The Hallen School Dance Company was established in 2018. Our program has been designed to help our students with personal control, respect for others & pride in their accomplishments. The students have opportunities throughout the year to showcase their talents at various assemblies and shows.