Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related handicapped CHildren

The TEACCH Method

The TEACCH Method was developed at the University of North Carolina specifically to address the needs of all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Hallen School staff involved in this program have had extensive training in providing a visually based, structured and supportive classroom environment for school aged children with ASD.

How the TEACCH Method Works

Students identified with autism spectrum disorders are provided a setting where they learn to understand their environment and manage their resources to function independently. Small classes, clear and predictable routines, concrete and visual presentation of information, along with opportunities for one-to-one instruction, form the core of the program.

Benefits of the TEACCH Method


A daily schedule is provided for each student indicating clear and concise expectations for the day.


Academic instruction addresses specific learning styles with all activities designed to model and encourage appropriate social interactions.